Wax Melts

Product Description
  • Over 150 hours of fragrance per pack
  • Odour neutralising 
  • Air freshening
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Huge choice of fragrances

Airpure® Wax Melt fun facts! They are one of our best-selling products, in fact, did you know that someone buys a pack of our wax melts every 13 seconds! That’s a lot of nice-smelling homes out there, so you'll be in good company. The only downside? Deciding which one of these gorgeous fragrances to choose from!

With over 150 hours of fragrance, you know you are getting a lot of scent power with every single pack. We have a huge range of fragrances to choose from, are you into fresh scents? Then check our Fresh Linen or Atlantis Bay®. Love something fruity? Then Fruit Burst or Raspberry Bliss will be right up your street. Do sweet treats tick the box? Then French Vanilla or Fairy-Tale Kisses are for you.  Check out our fragrance options tab to find out more about each of our fragrances.

Years of dedication, research and passion are poured into every single melt along with a blend of waxes and fantastic fragrances.  We love our Wax Melts and we are sure you will too. 

Fragrance Options

Atlantis Bay® Refreshing and clean. Herbal top notes and powdery, minty middle notes sit on top of a musk base creating a refreshing, invigorating and cool aroma

Cherry Berry Fruity and sweet - think of ripe cherries, fruity strawberries - a perfect combination for this light and fun fragrance

Fairy-Tale Kisses Sweet and smooth. Do you believe in magic? Notes of peach, citrus and raspberry combine to form a truly enchanting and delightful scent

Fig & Papaya Fruity and sweet. Fig top notes meet with a sweet papaya middle sat on a peach and lemon base

Floral & Fabulous Flowery and elegant. Notes of lily, jasmine and citrus sit on top of a spicy and earthy base creating a delicate and uplifting wax melt

French Vanilla Soft and sensual. Buttery, sweet top notes meet a coconut middle and sit on a spicy base, wrapping your home in a rich and inviting vanilla scent

Fresh Linen Delicate and fresh. Powdery notes create a heavenly scent, wrap yourself in the soft but strong fragrance

Fruit Burst Fruity and fresh. Sweet citrus notes create a sharp and zesty fragrance, if you love summer you'll enjoy this happy scent

Home Baking  A smooth, relaxing scent - perfect for winter and those cosy nights in - with spicy and sweet notes on a woody base, it's truly a special scent   

Lime, Basil & Mandarin Zesty and powerful. Citrus notes are peppered with warming basil and thyme creating a classic fragrance that's fresh and inviting

Midnight Glow Rich and woody. Earthy and aromatic tones form to create a slightly sweet, slightly smoky scent - a pure sultry delight

Pink Magnolia Summery and floral. Enjoy sweet notes of vanilla and coconut combined with a subtle jasmine base creating a delicate fragrance

Pure Heaven® Sensual and sweet. Enjoy indulgent notes of amber, citrus and musk. Woody highlights sit on top of a floral base. Bliss!

Raspberry Bliss Sweet and juicy. Raspberry and grape top notes meet a strawberry and citrus middle with a sweet melon base, creating a delightful and fruity melt

Rockin’ Rhubarb Refreshing and sharp. Fill the air with the scent of zesty and zingy rhubarb, fruity and green notes perfect for any season

Romance Delicate and Floral. Fruity top notes of citrus meet with elegant floral accords, all sat on a sweet and powdery base to create something very special

Sandalwood & Oud A rich, earthy scent with notes of sandalwood, citrus and orange, sat on a herbal and powdery base 

Tahitian Sunset Fruity and dreamy. Peach and apple top notes swirl around a sweet citrus base. Reminisce on holiday vibes and summer nights 

Winter Fragrances

Mulled Wine Everyone loves that cosy and warming feeling mulled wine brings, and our wax melt is no different! With spicy and fruity notes festivity will most definitely be in the air  

Home Baking A smooth, relaxing scent - perfect for winter and those cosy nights in - with spicy and sweet notes on a woody base, it's truly a special scent  

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