Scrub-a-Duck® Wet & Wipe Duster (2 Pack)

Product Description 
  • Removes dirt, dust & hair
  • Reusable & long-lasting
  • Clean with just water
  • Quacktastic quality
  • Use all around the home! 

If dust is driving you quackers then this one is for you. Our two-pack of Wet & Wipe Dusters have dust-hungry ridges that tackle dust, dirt and grime all around your home. Ideal for blinds, lampshades, furniture and anywhere that dust gathers! If there's dust, then this duster's a must!

The dusters come pre-moistened and ready to use, once they are dry use water to remoisten and reuse. They're easy-to-clean and long-lasting - wash under water to rinse off the dust and it's ready to use again. 

You'll be amazed at just how much dust these dusters can gather. The poor dust stands no chance!

It's time to Wet, Wipe, Wow and Wash these little ducky dusters that definitely fit the bill.

An excellent addition to any cleaning caddy!