Everyone loves a good deep clean, having the sink sparkling, the floors shining and the whole place just smelling so so good, you walk round sniffing every surface...however there is that one smell you just can't seem to get rid of...Mustiness.  

The smell of must is often a cause of a room or home being left unused, so if you have a spare room, basement or even an attic that simply does not get used, the chances are it will have a had to remove whiff of must. It’s a smell that you can't quite put your finger on to describe but everyone knows it’s a smell that just isn't fresh. We’ve got some top tips to help you remove any of the mustiness that may be lurking in your home.  

Tips for Removing Musty Smells in your Home 
1. Ventilate and open windows 

As we said, the usual cause for a room smelling of must is often as a result of a room or home being closed it. It could be a holiday cottage that get used for three months a year or a guest room that nobody ever uses. Whichever it is, the best thing you can get started with is to get some ventilation, open some windows and doors to allow some fresh air to breeze through. It can also help to remove any moisture out of the room that could potentially cause mould or mildew build up. If you know the room isn't going to be used for a while then it’s important to create some ventilation for it to breathe, whether that be once a week just opening up a window or adding some ventilation vents.  

2. Dehumidify 

If you know the doors and windows are going to be shut for a little while, then adding a dehumidifier is the way to go to ensure there is no moisture build up that could potentially cause damp and that horrible musty smell. Even if you do open the doors and windows, it is still advised and its surprising what moisture is found in the air. Especially in the summer and winter months here in the UK where the temperatures change within days, it can result in condensation. It’s advised to do this as soon as possible when entering a room that’s smells a little musty.  Our Interior Dehumidifier is a perfect solution to combating this!

3. Furnishings

It’s all well and good cleaning the room, opening the windows and doors to let some fresh air in if you haven't cleaned the furnishings in the room too. The musty smell can take hold on any fabric, so that includes clothing, sheets, curtains, bed frames, pretty much everything in the room that can be cleaned, should be cleaned, to really get rid of the smell. It’s advisable to take the items out of the room first, as the room may help to mask the musty smell of the item. Clean it down with a strong disinfectant with a nice fresh scent.  

4. Mould, Mildew and Bacteria 

Often bad smells are the result of mould, mildew or bacteria. This can be due to condensation build up, or even an old mug of tea that was forgotten about months ago. It’s important here that the smell isn't just covered up with some spray, and instead it’s killed by using such products as Naturally Gone Spray or Wipes. If you walk into the room and spot some on the wall, this needs to be your cleaning priority before anything else is done.  

5. Once Clean, Freshen 

You’ve made it this far, so you haven't quite given up yet, so that’s an achievement in itself. Once, you’ve done your cleaning, mould and mildew is a thing of the past, it’s time to give the room a freshen up with some air fresheners and reed diffusers from Airpure. Try changing the scent every now and again to keep the room smelling new. We always advise to change with the seasons, so for example a citrus scent for summer, and a warm baking scent for winter. On any fabrics that you pop in the washing machine, add some INCREDiBALLS Scent Boosters too. 

Now that your room is musty free and smelling amazing for the next guests visit, you need to be thinking out prevention to stop this from happening next time. The best advice to give on this is consistency. Check on a regular basis that there is no more mould or mildew build up and open the windows and doors every few weeks to let the fresh air in and the moisture out.  

November 04, 2021 — Samuel Girven
Tags: Cleaning

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