Wax melters are a safer and more convenient way to add the gorgeous scents to your home. We have a great range of wax melters, read on for some safety tips you should always follow.

How Does A Wax Melter Work?

Although flameless, wax melters heat your wax melt electrically with a bulb built into the unit. This provides a warming glow as well as the bulb heating to melt the wax and distribute the scent. Without an open flame, a wax melter is much safer.

Safety First - Wax Melter Safety Tips

Even though these are a much safer than candles and flamed melters, we still must take precautions when using one in the home.

  • Firstly, being an electrical device, always follow the same rules of care that you would with any other electrical item, keeping in mind that a wax melter does have a heating element. So, always follow the instructions for use in the box.
  • Next, never leave a wax melter unattended. Always turn it off or unplug it when unattended..
  • When melting wax in your melter, be sure it is out of reach of children and pets. The melted wax and the melter can get very hot and cause burns. Also, always make sure that the wax has hardened and the warmer is cool before removing used wax.
  • As with any electrical device, keep the wax burner away from all liquids.  If you do happen to spill something on your warmer, be sure to turn it off right away and unplug it. Do not use the warmer again until you are sure that it has dried completely and it's not damaged.

Following these simple tips, you can enjoy your wax melter without the risk of fire, burns or electrical shock while leaving your home smelling warm and inviting.

Our electric wax melters come in various styles, each adding something to your home. They all have a warming and soothing glow and when teamed with our wax melts they are perfect combination. 

November 04, 2021 — Samuel Girven
Tags: Fragrance

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