Automatic Machine; My machine has stopped working but the refill still feels full, why is this?

Please first check the batteries have not run out of power. The automatic machine requires 2 x AA Alkaline batteries. It is very important that you only use good quality Alkaline batteries otherwise the machine may not work or only work for a short period of time. We always recommend Duracell Ultra Batteries, however, other high-quality batteries are available. Please also ensure the batteries have been inserted correctly matching the polarity of the batteries to the terminals in the machine.

Automatic Machine; What batteries does the machine require?

The automatic machine requires 2 x AA Alkaline batteries. It is very important that you only use good quality high-quality Alkaline batteries otherwise the machine may not work or only work for a short period of time. We recommend Duracell Ultra Batteries, however other high-quality batteries are available. Please also ensure the batteries have been inserted correctly matching the polarity of the batteries to the terminals in the machine. Typically a set of batteries will last per refill, so it is recommended that these are changed when a new refill tin is added.

Why don’t all your products contain the vegan trademark logo?

All our products are 100% vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free, despite some not containing the vegan trademark symbol. We are currently in the process of having more of our product lines processed to have the symbol added, however, this does take time. Any products given the trademark will be displayed on the packaging.

My Bulb has Stopped Working in my Electric Wax Melter, What Can I Do?

If your bulb has stopped working within your Airpure® Electric Wax Melter, we recommend that you turn off the melter and unplug it from the mains. It is important to check the bulb to understand if the bulb has blown, this can be seen if the filament within the bulb is broken. This can be done by removing the bulb. Simply pull the bulb gently and it should be easily removed. If the bulb has blown, it needs to be replaced with another Halogen G9 25W bulb.

Can I buy online?

Airpure® products can easily be purchased from this site. Simply click the Airpure® logo at the top of this page to take you to the homepage to select your favourite products. Alternatively, they can also be purchased from other online retailers. Stock and product variants may differ across each retailer. If there is a specific product or fragrance that you are looking for, please contact our team who will assist you further.

Where are your products sold?

We now sell directly through our new online store. Here, you’ll be able to find all your favourite Airpure® products. Airpure® products can also be found at other online retailers and popular high-street stores. If there is a specific product that you are looking for, please get in contact with our team who will be able to point you in the right direction.

How can I contact you?

Please contact us through our online form which can be found on the contact us page. Alternatively, call our office on 0845 299 6789, or through our social media accounts. We will do our best to reply to all emails and messages sent within 48 hours, however, please understand that it may take longer during busy periods. Our office opening hours are Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm.

Where can I find your SDS documents?

SDS documents are for professional use only. If you are a business / professional organisation please get in touch to request the SDS.

How do I get the perfect stripe with Fresh Stripes?

Fresh Stripes are the amazing toilet gel. Everyone loves to film getting the perfect stripe for the 'gram, however, practice does make perfect and they can be a little fiddly to start. Luckily for you, we have some top tips on how to get the perfect stripe. Head over to our Instagram guides to find out more.

Why are your products more expensive online than in the high street shops?

Each order placed with Airpure® is hand-picked and hand-packed by a member of the team. Unlike other large retailers, we do not have the facilities to automate this, instead, everything here at Airpiure® is done by hand and with love which increases in price. However, every saving we make is passed onto our customers which is why all our products are amazing value for money, and we will do our utmost best to ensure that our products are accessible for all.

Why are some products Mighty Burst® and some Airpure®?

If you’ve seen both Airpure® and Mighty Burst® products on our online store or in shops don’t worry. Mighty Burst® is a specific line of products created by Airpure®. Just like Airpure®, Mighty Burst® follows all the same high standards we set here, including being completely vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free. We’re all under the same roof providing you all with the very best in class products.

Can I buy your products in bulk?

If you are interested in purchasing Airpure® products in bulk, please email our sales team at and a member of the team will be able to assist you.

Automatic Machine: My machine is flashing different colours and not working?

When your automatic machine starts to flash different colours and does not spray, this again may be a battery problem. Either the batteries previously put into the machine are not strong enough, or they need replacing with new high-quality full alkaline batteries. We always recommend Duracell Ultra Batteries, however, other high-quality batteries are available.

Automatic Machine; I have used carbon-zinc batteries; will my machine still work?

Usually, carbon-zinc batteries are not powerful enough to operate the machine. Having said this, you may find some that will work at the beginning, but they will not work after a relatively short period of time. Please only use good quality AA alkaline batteries. Please also ensure the batteries have been inserted correctly matching the polarity of the batteries to the terminals in the machine. Using incorrect batteries or batteries that are not powerful enough for the machine may result in the machine not working at all, flashing colours, or spraying constantly.

Are your products tested on animals or contain animal ingredients?

Here at Airpure®, we take pride in knowing that none of our products or ingredients are tested on animals, so you can shop our full range with confidence. If you have any questions concerning any ingredients or products, please contact our team through the contact us page.

No Animal Ingredients

Airpure® is a Vegan-Friendly company. This means that the development and/or the manufacturer of all and new products do not contain or have not been involved in the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative. In the development of any product, this is a priority for us, we always have been creating the very best vegan-friendly home fragrance and cleaning products, and we will continue to do so.

No Animal Testing

The development and/or manufacture of our Products, and where applicable their ingredients, do not involve or have involved, testing of any sort on (non-human) animals conducted at the initiative of our company or on its behalf — whether by parent or sister company, subsidiary, sub-contractor, supplier or any other party.

Where can I buy a replacement bulb for my electric wax melter?

The bulbs required for all Airpure® Electric Wax Burners are the Halogen G9 25W bulb. These specific bulbs must be used as they produce the perfect amount of heat needed. The bulbs can be found online from such sites as Amazon as well in such hardware shops as Homebase and B&Q.

My Wax Melts are not Melting in my Airpure® Electric Wax Melter

If your wax melts are not melting fully within your Electric Wax Melter, this could be due to 3 main reasons.

The Airpure® Electric Wax Melter has been designed to be used with Airpure® Wax Melts. If using other branded wax melts, they may use different wax meaning that the melting point is higher than Airpure® Wax Melts.

If you feel that the melter is not heating up enough, this could be due to the bulb. Ensure that the bulb is working properly and if not, replace it with a brand new one. Please only use Halogen 25W G9 bulbs within these melters.

If your Electric Wax Burner has a ceramic dish where wax melts are placed, this dish could be too thick. Due to how the ceramic is made, each dish and wax melter is not identical, meaning that each dish could have a slight difference in thickness. If you feel that this is the case, please contact our team who will be able to assist you further.

I’m allergic to some wax melts, what ingredients are in them?

If there are certain ingredients in wax melts that you are allergic to, please contact our team who can assist you further and do not use them until you have had communication with us.

Where are your products made?

We manufacture in many countries, depending on where the products are intended to be sold. Regardless of where we manufacture, we will always follow the Airpure® code of conduct to ensure we comply with all local and national legal regulations.

How can I apply for a job?

We are always on the lookout for amazing talent, so please contact for any job enquiries. Please understand that we may not reply to all recruitment related emails due to the volume of emails received, however, we will do our very best to get back to you.

Where can I use Scented Sachets & Scented Beads?

Scented Sachets can be used all over your home. Their handy size means you are able to hang in wardrobes, put into shoes, hide within fake plants and even within vacuum cleaners. If you’re still unsure on where to use them, please reach out to our team who will assist you further. We recommend that for both the Scented sachets and Scented Beads that the contents remain within the packet and/or bag provided and should not be removed.

Why is there a minimum order on your website?

Due to Airpure® being a family run business, we do not have large facilities for the fulfilment of online orders like other large online retailers. As such, each order is hand-picked and hand-packed by an individual in our team. To make this worthwhile, we need to ensure that they are collecting a certain amount of items, which is the reason for the minimum order value. We are currently working on systems to streamline our operations and pass the savings onto you which will help to reduce the minimum order value.

I can’t find my favourite Airpure® product

If you can’t find your favourite Airpure® product online or in any retail shops please contact our team either through email, phone call or social media. We stock a large number of product variants on our online store, however, if you do wish to purchase elsewhere, there are other online retailers and high street stores that stock our products. Just contact us and a member of our team will do their best to help you.