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  • Ensure Ambience Around The Dinner Table With Triple Fragranced Candles

    Creating an ambience around a dinner table is not as hard as you may think. These tips will help you to create the perfect ambience no matter what the occasion, whether it is a romantic dinner for two or a dinner with friends or family.

    Lighting has the power to create different moods around a dinner table and the right lighting can also enhance a room. Turn your lights off and create a subtle lighting effect with candles.
    Candles are able to create warmth and movement on a table so it is always a good idea to use them at a dinner table.

    The Triple Fragrance candle from Airpure is perfect for setting a mood at a dinner table. The Triple Fragrance candles have three fragrances in one that compliment one another to create beautiful aromas as you enjoy your dinner. They also come in soft beautiful colours that will suit any mood that you are trying to create.

    The range includes Very Cherry Berry, which comes in soft pink colours with berry aroma layers. The Romantic Nights candle is perfect for you and that special someone. This candle is soft purple with aromas of jasmine, lotus flower and lavender that will help to create the perfect romantic mood over dinner. The Linen Room is the last candle in this range that comes in beautiful blue with scents of linen, cashmere and cotton.

    These candles are perfect to place in the centre of your table or close by as they disperse magical aromas through your space and create the perfect lighting ambience for your dinner table.

    The ambience of a dinner table can be further enhanced with the use of flowers. You can create small and beautiful centrepieces that will complement your candles and the lighting of the room. Tall flowers have the tendency to get in the way at a dinner table, so rather keep them simple and small so that you are still able to see your guests or that special someone.

    Also having soft and relaxing music will add to the atmosphere, if you are having a romantic date. If you are having friends or family over music is great, but make sure that you are able to still talk and hear one another.

    Having a glowing Triple Fragrance candle from Airpure, flowers and music will certainly set the mood at any dinner table and will certainly make dinnertime that more enjoyable.

  • Mini Me Candles Ensure Fresh Fragrance Throughout The Home

    Candles have the ability to bring a different sense of elegance and warmth into a home. They are able to create a softer feel to a room, but also candles like the Mini Me candles come in different scents and colours, which brings an extra added touch.

    You will find candles in a number of scents like spices, perfumes and floral. The Mini Me candles from Airpure bring the scents of the outside in with wonderful floral fragrances that are able to uplift your home.

    Candles can be used in all sorts of ways and as home décor. You can use them to complement other items that you have in your home and create bursts of fragrance or use them to create a unique centrepiece for your table.

    The Mini Me candles can also be used to set a mood or certain ambience. If you want to relax light these candles and drift into wonderful scents that calm your mood and make you feel relaxed.

    The Mini Me candles are perfect alternatives to tea light candles and come in small jars that look cute.

    If you want to try a new fragrance in your home and see if you like it, then the Mini Me candles are the perfect way to do this. These candles from Airpure are inexpensive and give you the chance to bring fresh and fragrant aromas into your home.

    Light one of these candles and see how the fragrance disperses through your home creating a delightful aroma for you, your family and your guests.

    If you do want to try a new fragrance with the Mini Me candles then you will have four aromas to choose from. The Lavender Moments aroma is perfect for those that want to relax. The Jasmine Essence is sweet but creates a powerful and delicious scent throughout your home. The Cherry Blossom fragrance is uplifting and the Lotus Flower fragrance is subtle, but delightful.

    You can certainly bring the smells of nature inside your home with these types of candles especially on days where you are not able to go outside because of the weather. Use them as décor pieces, create an ambience around the dinner table or use them just to enjoy the aromas that they are able to infuse into your home.

    Sit back and relax and enjoy the floral scents of the Mini Me candles from Airpure.

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  • The Nose Files: Common Household Odours

    Bad smells in and around the home are unavoidable, but they are completely removable and treatable. When the right technique and product are used, your home and everything in it can smell fresh and odour free once again or until another round of bad odor comes.

    But taking care of the problem greatly depends on the smell in question. So the first step to getting rid of odor is to determine what it is and what's causing the stink.

    Common Household Odours

    Does it smell like rotten eggs?

    With this type of problem, the nose knows. If the stink is coming from the sink or drain, it is likely that the U-shaped trap in your sewer line has dried up, creating hydrogen sulfide that produces the smell of rotten eggs.

    Does it smell like pets that haven't taken a bath for days?

    The likely culprit is pet urine that seeped through the carpet and right under the padding. In this case, cleaning the carpet is not enough. You have to go deep, right through to the padding.

    Does it smell like smoke?

    The smell of smoke can be caused either by cigarette or cooking. Its particles transition from gas to solid and back, causing a stench that you can definitely smell. You can always impose a no-smoking policy inside the house as a first line of defense, but you are definitely going to need a chimney or range hood to keep the smell of cooking more on the delectable side.

    Does it smell like rot in the bathroom?
    If there are cracks and peeled off caulk, dirty water and other contaminants can seep through and cause a bathroom to smell like garbage. So get down on all fours and check for cracks.

    Does it smell like a musty basement?

    It is possible that mold is growing somewhere around your house and producing geosmin, a byproduct of mold, which is responsible for giving out that musty basement odour. You may need to get a dehumidifier.

    Does it smell like paint and other chemicals?

    Check to see if paint, cleaning chemicals and turpentine are stored properly and in a cool place. If they’re left close to the furnace or ventilation system, their pungent smell will be carried out to the entire house, which is bad news for the nose.

    Does it smell like dead and decaying animals?

    If your home has a resident rat or has problems with rodent infestation, the smell of decaying animals could come from a dead mouse. Whether tiny or big, the stink can be quite deadly.

    How do you deal with these common household odours? Start by getting rid of the cause, such as re-caulking the bathroom or using a dehumidifier to mitigate mold buildup. Once that is done, you can then use Airpure products, such as Home Fresheners, Instant Spray, Scented Candles and Natural Odour Eliminator.

  • What's That Scent? Using the Right Scent for the Right Smell

    Fragrance experts suggest not to use a single scent in all parts of your home, as this will give an impression that you are trying to cover up something. Here we show you how you can use different scents in different areas of your home.

    Apple Cinnamon

    Do you want your home to smell like autumn even in the middle of summer or winter? Using apple cinnamon’s sweet fragrance would bring to mind home-baked delights of autumn. With its ability to make you feel warm and relaxed, you won’t be bothered too much by how cold or hot the weather outside is.

    Citrus Scents

    Want to keep your kitchen smelling fresh despite the number of recipes you’ve already cooked? Use fragrances such as Citrus Zing and Pomegranate Citrus Cassis. Citrus has such an amazing ability to absorb odor from fish, smoke and cooking that it’s recommended to place a cut orange inside the refrigerator. Any citrus fragrance will do, but the scents mentioned above offers a bit of extra zing. They keep the kitchen smelling fresh and energetic in warm and humid summer days. But they can be an all-year round treatment too.

    Fresh Flowers

    In a place where you want to relax and put on soft, background music, use a fresh flower scent. In the living room, that helps create that fresh and relaxing environment. This is also one way to make the room inviting every time you or someone steps inside. Avoid bombarding your guests with a strong, overpowering scent that they would make them want to step back outside.

    Look for a fragrance that mixes the clear sharpness of lavender and the relaxing scent of eucalyptus.

    Bedroom-Perfect Scents

    The bedroom is where sleep and romance happens, so you want to use a scent that promotes relaxation, warmth and sleep. There are many fragrances to choose from, and what you use would depend on what you hope to achieve.
    Want to bring out a sense of loving and romance? Lavender provides the perfect fragrance. It has a unique calming effect that subtly tickles your sense, perfect for the bedroom.

    Want something that works like a sleeping pill, but with a gradual effect? Use jasmine that will leave your senses completely relaxed. It provides a scent-sational substitute to counting sheep.


    Vanilla is said to curb hunger when smelled after a hearty meal. So, if you make a habit of crawling someplace else after dining in the kitchen, use a vanilla scent in that room. Doing so will make that candy bar or chocolate less appetizing. Just don’t make the mistake of smelling it when you’re hungry, as this can boost your craving. If it aids in weight loss when sensed after meals, it can have the opposite effect before meals.

    Enjoy an ambient, sweet vanilla scent with a fragrance that combines the delectable scent of praline and vanilla.

    It’s amazing how scents can do wonders for your home and your senses. If you want to buy them, check out what Airpure has to offer.

  • Customer Feedback!

    Wax Melts feedback

    Over on Twitter we are getting some great feedback about our Wax Melts range! Our favourite post is recently is from Sam Allen who very kindly got in touch to say how much she loved them.

    Make sure to follow our twitter to catch up with what other people are saying about Airpure products, and also have a chance to join in with our regular competitions!
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    Our range of Airpure Wax Melts can be found by following the link below.
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