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  • The Importance of Home Fragrances During Christmas

    For many of us, the true meaning of Christmas is not about what we receive or even what we give. It is about the people that we share the holidays with. For some, that could be family and friends, for others, it could be coworkers, clients and vendors. But no matter who you spend most of your time with during the holidays, it is important to make that time as special as possible.

    From the gifts we give, to the cards we write, the holidays become even more special when we put some thought into everything we do. That can even include our home décor and table settings when we invite those we care about over for a meal. Our home is a representation of us and it becomes part of who we are. The way it looks, the way it makes people feel, even the way it smells can say a lot about you.

    Home Fragrances are More Inviting

    Once you have your home decorated for the holiday and you make it warm and inviting, you should take a quick sniff and see how it smells. Does it smell like musty Christmas ornaments that have been in storage for the past year, or does it smell like whatever you have baking in the oven? Deciding on a holiday fragrance for your home is as important as the decorations you hang and the tinsel on the tree. Choose a home fragrance that is seasonal and your home will seem that much more cozy and inviting and the smells will bring about memories of Christmas’ past.

    Your guests will appreciate the fragrance as well as they arrive for dinner parties, holiday get togethers or intimate gatherings among close friends. The smells of pine, cinnamon, cloves and more can turn your home into a holiday showplace where guests will be excited visit. You can even strategically place different holiday home fragrances in different rooms of your home so you can sample the many scents the season has to offer. Stronger scents in the bathroom and high traffic area, while scents that are softer should be placed in the kitchen and eating areas.

    Shop Airpure for Holiday Home Fragrances

    Shop Airpure for a full line of holiday scents that will transform your home from plain and boring, into a festive holiday gathering place for family and friends.

  • The Worst Smells in Your Home (And How to Fix Them)

    Have you ever come home to a bad smelling house? I don’t mean dinner was cooking and the smell of garlic infused fish filled the air. I am talking about a smell so foul that you gagged in repulsive disbelief that it could actually be coming from your home. No matter how clean your home is, eventually you will come home to a smell so bad that you want to turn back around and leave. Rather than putting your home up for sale with everything in it, why not find the offensive odor and handle it once and for all?

    Our homes can smell bad from time to time and knowing what the smell is and what to look for is the first step in removing it. Keep reading as we list some of the most offensive odors found in our homes.

    1. Mildew Towels

    Mildewed towels can smell bad. Really bad. If your towels become mildewed, you can remove the smell by washing them, by themselves, in hot water with a cup of white vinegar. The vinegar will kill any lingering bacteria. Then wash them as usual with laundry soap and they will come out smelling fresh and clean again.

    1. Pet Bed

         Pets get into everything and they have some awful smelling body oils that help to keep their coat shiny. This can make their bedding or favorite blanket smell foul. Wash their bedding often and never have to smell that odorific pet smell again.

    1. Garbage Can

    The garbage can is one of the worst smelling items in your home. It can range from slightly smelly, to full on putrid. If your trash can has a slight odor problem, a sprinkle of baking soda after cleaning will take care of it. Anything worse and you will need to scrub it with vinegar and hot water.

    1. Inside the Washing Machine

    The inside of your washing machine can begin to smell foul after multiple uses and this is related to mold and mildew that can build up inside. To keep it smelling fresh and clean, try running a hot or warm water cycle with two cups of bleach.

    1. Dishwasher

    Most of us do a terrible job of scraping the dishes before putting them into the dish washer. This could leave your dish washer smelling worse than anything you can imagine. This is because food particles become clogged in the filter basket and rot. To remove the smell, simply remove the filter basket and clean it out. Then run a wash cycle with one cup of white vinegar to kill any lingering bacteria.

    1. Toilet

    Toilets stink for obvious reasons, but that doesn’t make it any more pleasant. To keep them smelling fresh and clean, pour a cup of bleach in the tank on the back. This will help remove any unpleasant smells and help to kill any bacteria. Do not do this if you have a pet that likes to drink out of the toilet as this could make them sick.

    For those household odors that need more than an air freshener, use our handy guide and cleaning tips to keep your home smelling better than ever!

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  • Candle Warmer Safety Tips

    Melted wax candle warmers are a safer and more convenient way to add the scent of your favorite candle to your home. Although flameless, candle warmers heat scented wax using electric current to a small heating unit built into the device. Without an open flame, there is reduced risk for fire and less chance of a small child getting burned by one. Even though these are a much safer version of the old candles we are all familiar with, there are still some precautions we must use when operating one in our home as they are not completely hazard-free.

    Being an electrical device, we need to follow some simple rules of care that we would with any other appliance, keeping in mind that a candle warmer does have a heating element. For starters, never operate any electrical device without understanding the manufacturer's instructions. A quick read over the usage instructions that come with the candle warmer will help keep you and your family safe.

    Next, never leave a candle warmer unattended. Turn it off or unplug it any time you leave the house. If you notice any damage to the cord, stop using the candle warmer immediately and this could cause a fire.

    When melting wax in your candle warmer, be sure it is out of reach of children or pets. The melted wax and the candle warmer itself can get very hot and cause burns. Always make sure that the wax has hardened and the warmer is cool before removing used wax.

    If your warmer smokes or gives off a burning smell, unplug it and discontinue use. There are a couple of reasons this could be happening. The warming element is overheating, or the type of wax you are using has a much lower melting point than the warmer was designed for.

    As with any electrical device, keep the candle warmer away from all liquids. Even a grounded appliance may cause a nasty shock if you touch it with wet hands. If you do happen to spill something on your warmer, be sure to turn it off right away and unplug it. Do not use the warmer again until you are sure that it has dried completely.

    Following these simple tips, you can enjoy your candle warmer without the risk of fire, burns or electrical shock while leaving your home smelling warm and inviting.

  • The Benefits of Home Fragrances

    When we visit friends and family, the first thing we notice when welcomed into their home isn’t the way it looks or even what they are wearing, it is the way it smells. Our sense of smell is very powerful and it is an important extension of our brain. Certain smells can mean danger, some can create a feeling of comfort and some can even make us hungry or romantic. In fact, our sense of smell is one of our bodies first receptors to initiate a response to our surroundings.

    This is the reason that many of us add specialty fragrances to our homes. We can create a welcoming atmosphere for guests or after a hard day’s work. Coming home to a familiar smell can release endorphins that make us feel good and can provide some much-needed energy. Some typical home fragrances that have very specific benefits include:

    • Lavender-can help us fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer as well as calming our nerves.
    • Peppermint-can give us more energy, provide mental focus and alleviate stress.
    • Cinnamon-this scent is very effective at reducing fatigue and making us more alert.
    • Citrus tones-improve the mood, increase concentration are often associated with a clean home.

    We can use the power of scent to our advantage almost anywhere we are. IN the car, at home or at the office, the atmosphere we create begins with the scents we use. Choose productivity related scents for the office and get more done. In the car, choose scents that will help you focus and stay alert. Even at home, we can use the power of scent to our advantage by creating a calming oasis that will welcome us, and our guests, home.

    Do you have a favorite scent that makes you feel warm and comfortable on those cold wintery days? Or how about one that brings the refreshing aroma of the tropics into your home? Leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite home fragrances and how they make you feel.


  • How Certain Smells Affect Your Body and Mind

    Did you know that certain smells can have an effect the way you think and feel? Smells can reduce stress, give you more energy or even help you sleep. There are many scents around the house that makes us feel comfortable, just as there are a wide range of scents that we can add to our homes, our offices or anywhere we are that will make us feel good inside and be more productive.

    Why is it that certain smells make us feel certain ways or elevate our moods when we are down? After all, our sense of smell isn’t as great as most animals on the planet but it still plays a major role in our physical and mental health.

    The Smell/Mind/Body Connection

    Studies show that the smell/mind/body connection are a holdover of the life and death significance that smell had on early man. Our sense of smell is connected to our brain’s limbic system, one of the oldest parts of the brain in evolutionary terms. This part of the brain controls behaviour, emotions and long-term memory. In early man, his sense of smell would help him find food, avoid predators and even locate enemies.

    Smells and Health

    Just as early man relied on his sense of smell for survival, modern man can use that same sense of smell to heal themselves. Certain scents such as lavender releases hormones that make us feel good and other scents, including floral scents, can lower blood pressure and help you sleep deeper. If you want more energy and to increase your immune system, the smell of eucalyptus can help.

    Reduce Stress

    If you are stressed about work, money, your relationship or a big project that is due, sniffing lavender, coffee or vanilla will relieve your stress and could even reduce anxiety and pain levels in some people. In fact, aromatherapy using the scent of lavender can improve sleep quality, slow the nervous system and elevate your mood. Where kale is the new superfood, lavender can be considered a super-scent with healing powers that would take many harmful medications to equal.

    Do you want to find the scents that help you relax or that energise you for your work day? Contact Airpure today and select from a wide range of scents that can make you feel good, help you reminisce or just make your home smell its best.

  • Ice Cream Car Air Fresheners

    A fun and funky summer lift for your car this summer would be the ice cream car air freshener. These are a retro fun concept from Airpure and the scent is based on Wall’s ice cream. These air fresheners are available in three different styles and scents, which are Funny Feet strawberry, Starship blueberry and Twister, which is tropical. All three of these styles have been amongst the favourite ice creams for many years now, so these are going to bring back some great memories for people when they smell them.

    These ice cream air fresheners smell very good and the 3D designs make them very attractive to have hanging in your car. These products are produced by Airpure, which is a family company, and have a history of operating and maintaining core family values and principles. This strong core has helped the business to develop the foundations for a strong business.

    Airpure create innovative products that use contemporary designs and they are great for when unexpected guests arrive and you want to get rid of unwanted smells that have been lingering. The air fresheners that are available are great for getting rid of lingering cooking smells and pet smells.

    The scent of new air fresheners for your car can be very pleasant, however, to keep them smelling nice for longer you will also need to keep your car clean. Horrible odours from trash, smoking, dirt etc. can affect the smell of the car interior. Keeping the inside of your car clean and help to keep these odours to a minimum. A car air freshener can help to increase and preserve the freshness in the car and there are many different scents that are available therefore you can opt for something that suits your preferences. A fresh smell in your car and make a lot of difference in the quality of the vehicle.

    There are various options when it comes to improving the scent in your car. Some of these products can clip onto your air vent or others can be hung from the interior mirror. Using a car air freshener can be very beneficial for the car and it can help to keep odours to a minimum that will keep all of the passengers happy. The car will be cleaner overall and it will have a clean appearance and smell nice. The bottom line is that keeping the inside the car clean is the first thing that you need to do to make the car smell nicer and one of the air fresheners especially the ice cream scents will help to create a lovely smell.

  • The Benefit of Natural ingredients – Naturally Gone

    Sure, you love your pets and your kids and your significant other. You love that they love the outdoors, keeping fit by going for jogs and swimming in the pool. You love how much they enjoyed that exotic meal someone made and how they gave the dog a bath. What you don’t love, we’re sure, is the smells that linger in the air long after!

    How do you get rid of the smell of wet dog, running shoes and other not-so fresh odours that permeate throughout your home? Do you feel like you’ve purchased every single option available that either dissipates too quickly or leaves the traces of chemicals in your nose - or on your tongue when you accidentally inhale too deeply? Or do you feel that those artificial scents are mixing with the smell you are trying to erase and just making it worse? We’re here to guarantee that “Naturally Gone” by Airpure does exactly what it promises to do and eliminates all those bad odours, naturally!

    Airpure Naturally Gone is a revolutionary formula of natural, healthy enzymes that eat the odours and proteins that bad bacteria thrive on. Naturally Gone uses natural enzymes to digest and break down these odours on their most basic molecular level. The benefit of using natural ingredients is that they are less harmful to you and your loved ones; as air moves and is ingested, you want to make sure that only the cleanest healthiest air is going into your body. You can use Airpure Naturally Gone in any room of the house and on practically every surface in your home - those smells will be completely eradicated. Naturally Gone has naturally formulated scents that will leave a gentle lingering fresh scent after use.

    Not only is Airpure Naturally Gone effective at killing nasty odours, it is also great for the environment.  Naturally Gone is 100% biodegradable and aerosol free, ensuring that it won’t poison you or the environment! Airpure Naturally Gone is a cost effective natural alternative to everyday harmful aerosol fresheners.

    Choose from three great fragrances formulated to keep your house a pleasure centre for your nose:

    Naturally Gone - Cherry Delight
    Naturally Gone - Citrus Zing
    Naturally Gone - Green Apple

    Say goodbye to buying hundreds of products and hello to an environmentally friendly, piggy bank friendly odour solution. Airpure Naturally Gone is loved by housewives and home executives everywhere and it’s easy to understand why. Try it today!

  • It's a Pug's Life! Why The Pug Is The Ultimate Dog

    The pug breed has its early origins in China, dating back all the way to 200 BC! The Pug, or Mopshond to the Dutch, was bred to be the ultimate lap dog. These compact dogs are loving and loyal and have a great sense of humour! The Pug is possibly the most popular dog in modern culture. With their big round eyes and curly little tails, this cushion-sized pup is an ultimate heart-stealer and crowd pleaser.

    Some regard the pug as a clumsy yet perfectly poised puddle of love. They absolutely adore being the centre of attention, which they always are, as they love to impress! These pups are extremely playful, not easily startled and excessively charming. Pugs are also a very intelligent breed and highly willful to boot, so sometimes they need a little more time and patience in training, much like their human infant counterparts, which the well-socialised pug adores!

    Though Pugs aren’t considered yappers (although they do tend to snore), they do have loud personalities! The pugs’ gorgeous flat and wrinkled face (a prized trait in Chinese breeding as the wrinkles represent symbols for good luck), stout square body and big black eyes make this breed captivating. Can you say photogenic!

    There are many pug enthusiasts around the world, popularising pug parades and dedicating entire websites to their charismatic features. Pugs are the truest of companions and simply love being near their owners and being lavished with attention; they are also game for dress-up, as many a dog calendar can attest to! These charming and lovable dogs have such bold personalities that they are just begging to be looked at.

    Airpure is all about #puglife which is why they bring you “It's A Pug's Life® Air Freshener”, a disc of pug-tastic cuteness which comes in an assorted range of fragrances to give your car interior a long lasting, enjoyable fragrance, as well as some of that pug charm. It’s A Pug's Life® Air Freshener comes in three awesome long lasting fragrances: Island Breeze, Tropical Fruits, and Cherry Berry – scents as cool and captivating as our curly tailed friends!

    Give these pups the recognition Pugs deserve (nay, demand!) and purchase these one-of-kind pug themed car air fresheners, to guarantee that every time you get in your car and adjust the mirror, a pug is sure to make you smile.

  • Check Out Airpure's Brand New Electric Wax Melter

    All you want after a long day is to come home to your comfort zone, relax and watch your favourite show. What better way to relax than with some aromatherapy? Airpure has devised a deliciously scented array of wax melts to fill your home with a warm and welcoming aroma. In order to best experience these wax melts, Airpure has released a brand new Electric Wax Melter, which not only releases these beautiful fragrances but also looks great in every environment!

    ‘The Owl’ Electric Wax Melter with a glowing back light provides you with the feel of a traditional candlelight scent diffuser, but this one won’t set you searching the house for an elusive tea-light candle nor set the curtains alight! The Owl is a beautiful and functional accessory to add warmth and happiness to your home and to your life.

    Place the Owl Electric Wax Melter on the dinner table to add to a romantic night in, near a plug point in the bedroom to create that sensual mood, or simply in the TV room for you and your loved ones to enjoy while doing the other things you love. Don’t let the smell of old socks or the kids attempt at dinner destroy the mood; rather fill your home with one of the expertly created fragrances Airpure has made available to you.

    ‘The Owl’ Electric Wax Melter by Airpure offers four scented wax options, namely;

    • Apple Cinnamon: To remind you of your childhood days waiting for a slice of gran’s homemade apple pie.
    • French Vanilla: For the fragrances of classic and simple sophistication reminiscent of old school Hollywood.
    • Cherry Berry: A happy fruity aroma to excite and stimulate the olfactory senses.
    • Fresh Linen: A fresh and pure scent that simply makes you “feel at home.”

    Use any of these beautiful Wax Melt fragrances to enhance your home, or purchase the Wax Melts Home Collection and get to enjoy all four scents at your leisure, to fit any mood. It’s sure to make you feel cosy, calm and ready to take on the next day. You and your loved ones certainly won’t be disappointed.

    The Owl Electric Wax Melter is a fantastic way to combine traditional luxury with modern technology; sleek elegance at its best. Purchase one of these gorgeous Electric Owls for yourself, for a loved one, or just one for every room! Spoil your senses!

  • Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Fresh

    Keeping your bathroom clean and smelling fresh is an extremely important household task, but it can sometimes be a difficult one. Some basic helpful tips for eliminating odours and bacteria are:

     Wipe down all the surfaces daily, weekly at most.
     Use a soap dispenser.
     Don’t let your bathroom cupboards get cluttered.
     Hang up wet towels immediately (in the sun is best); and
     Disinfectants and long lasting cleaners are essential.

    The difficult task is stopping the odours, especially when you don’t have a lot of time available for cleaning. Airpure has some helpful bathroom fresh products that promise to sort out those smells with very little pressure on you, your time or your finances.

    Airpure Fresh Stripes Toilet Gel is a highly reliable and more hygienic alternative to the standard toilet rim blocks and cages. The Gel provides both hygiene and a fresh subtle fragrance. This odour eliminator is available in 3 assorted fragrances: Lime Zing, Fresh Flowers and Ocean Breeze; it can last for up to six weeks and is so easy to use. The convenience of this weekly application, combined with its guidance indicator that ensures that the gel lasts and is adjustable, is unrivalled in toilet freshness.

    Beyond Toilet odour, the bathroom is often prone to several smells, from damp towels to laundry baskets. Airpure Gel Twist is an air freshener which is both appealing to see and to smell. The contemporary design of the product and the colour range available are sure to make this product blend in and adds to your bathroom, kitchen, office or anywhere you see fit. Simply adjust the Gel Twist up to increase the fragrance strength and enjoy continuous fresh fragrance for up to six weeks; Available in Lavender Fields, Ocean Fresh, Citrus Zing and Fresh Flowers to suit your preferences.

    Another great product for keeping your air fresh is Airpure Can Gel. This is a unique and almost retro air freshener which comes in small gorgeous graphic cans, making them suitable not only for the bathroom, but for every room in the house or in the office. Simply adjust the fragrance strength by moving the switch on the lid! You can choose from Fresh Linen, Ocean Breeze, Citrus Zing and Fresh Flowers for up to 60 days of freshness.

    One, or a combination, of the above products is sure to ban the odour from your bathroom and your life, with convenience and little effort. Treat your home today!

    Airpure Bathroom Fresheners

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