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  • How To Make Your House Smell Like Christmas

    Every season has its own unique smell and the smell that people love the most is that of the holiday season. Christmas has a warm and inviting smell that is unlike any other season and making your home smell like Christmas is easier than you think. Whether you like the smell of mulled wine or a freshly cut Christmas tree, Christmas has a scent for everyone and everyone is sure to have a favourite!
    To make your home smell like Christmas, there are some essentials you will need to buy. Visit Airpure and shop their incredible selection of home fragrances, fragrance candles, air fresheners and more and give your home that Christmas spirit throughout the holidays.
    Here Are Some Ways That You Can Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas This Season:
    Add Fragrance Candles- one of the easiest ways to make your home smell like Christmas is to add some fragrance candles in the rooms you use most. Lighting a candle not only makes your room smell like the holidays, the warm glow of the flame gives your room a cozy, inviting look.
    Start Simmering- you can simmer mulled wine, apple cider, potpourri or a simple pot of water with oranges, cloves and cinnamon to make your home smell like Christmas all day long. Be sure to keep the heat on low and check the pot to make sure you are not out of water.
    Hang Evergreens- hanging evergreens on your mantle, staircase or doorways can give your home a festive, holiday look while adding a fresh outdoor scent that is unmistakably Christmas.
    Add Essential Oils- adding an essential oil burner and holiday-themed essential oils such as frankincense, orange or pine will give your home a holiday scent that lasts a long time.
    Bake Cookies- one of the top selling home fragrances during the holidays is Christmas cookies. You can add a Christmas cookie air freshener or fragrance candle, or you could just bake a batch of Christmas cookies, grab a glass of milk and enjoy.
    Switch Out Your Hand Soap- instead of the same old hand soap that you use in your kitchen or bathroom, try adding a holiday scented hand soap dispenser and get that Christmas smell every time you wash your hands.
    For more ways to make your home smell more like Christmas, visit Airpure today and find a wide selection of high quality home fragrances that are perfect for the holidays.
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  • Mrs. Hinch, Instagram’s Cleaning Sensation

    If you are like many people, you want your home to always be sparkling clean and fresh smelling no matter what. But with children, pets, dinner parties and long days at work, that can be a challenge. So you grab some high quality air fresheners, put one in every room of your home and call it good. For now. That is, until the messes of daily life begin to pile up and you soon realise that you need professional help.

    Don’t call a doctor, instead, turn to Instagram and follow their cleaning sensation, a dynamic woman known as Mrs. Hinch. From top cleaning tips, to some of the best cleaning products available, all tested and given the Mrs. Hinch Seal of Approval, this is one Instagram page you should be following.

    Useful Cleaning Tips And Hacks

    Mrs. Hinch gets excited about cleaning products. Very excited. Not like most people who like to be the first to use a new bottle of window cleaner, but like a kid in a candy store excited. And that is why her many followers love her and use her useful cleaning tips to clean their own homes on a daily basis. You could even go so far as saying that Mrs. Hinch is the queen of clean and that her words carry a lot of weight in the cleaning product industry.

    Instagram cleaning sensation, Mrs. Hinch (Sophie Hinchcliffe) is quite possibly one of our favourite “internet famous” celebrities as she has a lot of fun doing what she does best, cleaning! Her co-stars, one which happens to be an antibacterial cleaning pad named Minky, are all she needs to set the stage for some interested cleaning hacks and innovative ways to use all of the cleaning products inside her “Narnia” cupboards.

    The Hinch Army?

    What motivates Mrs. Hinch to clean so fervently? She attributes her passion for cleaning to anxiety and panic attacks she suffered in her early to mid-twenties as the reason for her needing a coping mechanism. Her solution, cleaning house. In fact, Mrs. Hinch cleans her home every day and her followers have become more than just fans, they have become students and members of the “Hinch Army”.

    If you are just as passionate about cleaning your home as Mrs. Hinch is about cleaning hers, follow her on Instagram and learn some new ways to make cleaning your home easier and a lot more fun!

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  • 4 Ways To Welcome Autumn Into Your Home

    It almost seems that autumn arrived earlier than usual this year and many of us weren’t quite ready for it. While parents are quickly trying to switch over their children’s wardrobes for the crisp mornings, others are getting their gardens ready for the first frost. If you have already done all of that and are wondering what to do next to bet ready for the autumnal season, why not welcome autumn into your home and give it that cozy seasonal look that is warm and inviting?

    You might be asking yourself how to go about bringing the feel of autumn into your home. That’s the easy part, just keep reading and let us show you how!

    4 Ways To Welcome Autumn Into Your Home

    The seasonal scents of autumn- the first way that you can welcome autumn into your home is by bringing in the scents of the season. Whether you choose scented candles, air fresheners or essential oils, there are many seasonal autumn scents to choose from and we are sure that you will find one that suits your home and your mood. From the scent of a campfire or the autumn leaves, to a freshly baked pumpkin pie, autumnal scents are warm and relaxing.

    Pumpkin Carving- decorate your home with a seasonal favourite and try your hand at pumpkin carving. Light up the night with a freshly carved jack-o-lantern or just add some decorative pumpkins to your mantle or centerpiece.

    Metallics- there are many seasonal colours that you can use to decorate your home with but the trend this autumn is metallics. From scented candle holders to throw pillow, scented wax burners and more, metallics are a good way to welcome autumn into your home.

    Dress-Up Your Scented Candles- scented candles are a great way to bring in the seasonal smells but sometimes candle holders can look a bit boring. Dress them up with some seasonal décor or add colourful ribbons which use seasonal colours or designs to dress up your scented candles this season.

    For the best scents of the season, shop the selection of premium home fragrances at Airpure and find an autumnal scent to help welcome Autumn into your home today. From scented candles and air fresheners, to essential oils, essential oil diffusers and more, Airpure has the seasonal fragrances you want at a price you will like!

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  • 6 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean, Even If You Have a Dog

    As any dog owner already knows, keeping your house clean with a pet can be a challenge. From dog hair on just about every surface of your home, to spilled food and water bowls, dirt and mud tracked in from the outside and that “dog smell” that many dog owners pretend they don’t notice, but deep down inside, they do.

    Keeping your home clean and fresh smelling when you have a dog doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming when you follow some simple tips. They start with your dog because, after all, that is the source of most of the mess.

    Bathe Your Dog

    Bathe your dog regularly. If your dog hates bath time, try to make him more comfortable by purchasing a relaxing, all-natural pet wash that helps to calm him. You can also try to make it fun by playing a game with him in the water or by bringing in his favourite toy.

    Brush Your Dog

    Once you have your dog on a regular bath routine, you will want to brush him often. This is especially important for long-hair dog who have a tendency to shed all over the furniture, carpet and any other surface their hair decides to adhere to. Keeping your dog brushed regularly will help reduce the amount of shedding and hair that is all over your home.

    Focus On Outside Dirt

    So now we that have your dog washed and brushed, he should be all clean, for the moment at least. Now you have to focus on the dirt that he tracks in from the outside. You could add a door mat made of a rough or coarse material, placing one both inside and outside of the door your dog usually enters through. This will help catch a lot of the dirt from his paws keeping your floors cleaner.

    Remove Pet Hair

    Next, we can focus on the pet hair that is all over the house. You can purchase a specially made rubber glove that you slip on and rub across your furniture, drapes and other cloth surfaces to remove a large percentage of the pet hair. These can be found at most pet stores and are a very effective means of removing pet hair from your home.

    Clean Your House

    Now we can clean house as you normally would with an emphasis on vacuuming and cleaning hard surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner. This will not only remove more of the pet hair, but also most of the pet smell that can linger.

    Clean The Air

    Finally, once your home is clean and your pet is washed, brushed and smelling great, you can freshen the air using Naturally Gone Pet Odour Spray. This product, made in the UK, is a highly effective deodoriser that will leave your home smelling fresh and clean and guests wondering if you got rid of your dog.

    If you want to keep your home smelling fresh and clean even with a dog, follow these simple tips and enjoy the breath of fresh air while enjoying your pet.

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  • Transform Your Room With a New Scent

    We all have a favourite room in our home. One that helps us to relax after a stressful day and that has that “homey” feel we can’t get anywhere else. Why does that room make us feel so good and why do we tend to gravitate towards that particular room when we have many others to choose from? Chances are it is a combination of furnishings, layout and, of course, smell.

    The Science of Smell

    Our sense of smell is 10,000 more powerful than any other sense and it is linked directly to our subconscious and collective unconscious mind where all of our memories are stored. There are certain smells that work to call us and have a direct effect on our nervous systems. When we smell them, we immediately begin to relax and feel good as mood enhancers like serotonin endorphins are released throughout our bodies. The importance of the home fragrances we choose are increased during the summertime as our bodies begin to acclimate to the warmer weather and the humidity increases the potency of many household smells, both good and bad.

    Transform Any Room Into Your Favourite

    What if you have a room that you want to be your favourite but you aren’t getting the same feelings as you do in your favourite room? Maybe this other room has a better view or it has more space for you to relax and read, get work done or take a nap. In most cases, adding your favourite scent can transform a room, completely changing its mood and yours. You might be surprised by the difference a scent can make, especially if that scent works within your body to create soothing images and stress relieving feelings that will help you relax.

    Airpure For All Of Your Home Fragrance Needs

    Airpure carries a wide range of scents, all designed to provide a fresh, clean smell to any room of your home and to help you transform a room into your new favourite. From automatic air fresheners, plug-in air fresheners and reed diffusers, to fragrance candles, wax melts and more, Airpure has the scents you need to create a new summertime fragrance in your home today. Visit our website by clicking this link and see what incredible products we have to offer.

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  • How To Make Your Home Smell Good In The Summertime

    Making your home smell fresh and clean is usually as easy as choosing your favourite fragrance and spraying it into the air. In the summertime, that is a much more difficult task as the humidity is usually higher and the heat from outside begins to work its way inside. That combination of heat and humidity can make your home smell like last night’s dinner mixed with wet dog. The reason for this is because the air is much heavier when it is humid and it tends to hold onto smells much longer than if the weather was cooler outside.

    This doesn’t mean that your home can’t smell good this summer, it just means that you might have to take some extra steps to keep it smelling fresh and clean longer.

    The summertime usually means citrusy scents, beach fragrances and designer scents that smell like fresh cut grass. You can mimic these summertime fresh scents and use them to make your home smell good using our simple tips. Let’s  take a look:

    Ways To Make Your Home Smell Good In The Summertime

    Automatic Air Fresheners- for a truly hands-off approach to making your home smell good this summer, place some automatic air fresheners in strategic locations throughout your home. With many different fragrances available, you can find your favourite and keep your home smelling good all summer.

    Eucalyptus in Your Bathroom- hanging fresh eucalyptus in your shower can provide a relaxing, rejuvenating spa experience that not only smells good, but also offers antibacterial properties.

    Gel Fresheners- gel air fresheners are perfect for those rooms that are too humid for spray fragrances. These include bathrooms, basements and kitchens. Gel fresheners use essential oils to create a summertime fresh scent that will linger in the heavy, humid air.

    Citrus Simmer Pot- if you have ever made a simmer pot during the cold winter months, you know how effective they can be at making your home smell good. The same idea can be used in the summer using citrus slices and water which you simmer slowly on the stove for a couple of hours per day.

    Wax Melts- wax melts come in a wide range of fragrances and are an easy way to make your home smell fresh and clean all season long.

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  • Summer Scents-Our Pick Of The Most Beautiful Fragrances To Fill Your Home With This Season

    The summer season is almost here and what better way to usher in the warmth and sunshine of the season than by adding a summery-fresh scent to your home? Summer has its own scents that are very different than any other season. While winter has its own spicy, lingering scents and spring has many floral notes that add to the freshness of the season, summer has scents that are citrusy, clean and island-themed.

    While the scents you choose for your home are all based on personal preference, we have decided to share some of our own favourite summer scents and some that are popular this time of year here on our website.

    Here is Our Pick Of The Most Beautiful Fragrances To Fill Your Home With This Season:

    Citrus Zing

    With lighter notes of citrus, bergamot, orange, lemon, petit grain and mandarin, this fragrance is sporty, energetic and refreshing. Perfect for warm and humid summer days.

    Fresh Flowers

    Relaxing, fresh and floral, this fragrance combines the scent of fresh flowers with lavender and eucalyptus to create a relaxing environment.

    Fresh Linen

    The smell of fresh linen is a bright and sunny as a summer’s day and it can provide a comforting feeling that is understated and clean.

    Island Breeze

    The fresh open breezes of the islands make this fragrance perfect for summer. It is a refreshing fragrance that lightens your mood and reminds you of the ocean waves.

    Lavender Fields

    The smell of Lavender has always provided a unique calming effect. Lavender is derived from the mint family and the fragrance is denoted by the fresh, bracing scent of the flower.

    Lotus Flower

    With hot summer nights and the soothing fragrance of Lotus essence, you are ready for the season and those romantic moments.

    Lotus Flower Blossom

    The delightfully floral essence of the Lotus Flower Blossom leaves your home refreshed and your senses relaxed.

    Ocean Breeze

    Enjoy the scent of the fresh ocean breeze with this refreshing fragrance that lightens your mood and provides a fresh feeling aroma.

    These are just some of the fragrances that we carry at Airpure. Find one that suits you or choose a different scent for every room of your home. Whatever fragrance you choose, you will always get the highest quality and best prices every time you  A.

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  • Spring Cleaning Hacks

    For many of us, spring is our favourite time of the year. Finally, the oppressive cold disappears, replaced by fresh, cool days when leaves start to emerge and birds chirp. As we are looking at our life with a much brighter perspective, it is also a good time to reorganize our lives.

    When the sunlight shines straight into our home’s interior, we need to make sure that our home is tidy and livable, once again. During the winter, we largely stay indoors and because we do more things inside the house, it usually becomes quite cluttered. There are many ways to do spring cleaning tasks, but these methods could significantly make your effort more effective:

    1. Prioritize most cluttered and neglected areas: With a quick look around, it is easy to see which parts of your home are badly cluttered and need attention. Unneeded items, debris and dust could easily accumulate in the most used parts of your home and this could happen if your overlook these areas for too long. They may include bathrooms, kitchen, bookshelves and more. Check areas behind the fridge and under the sink and clean them up. Once you clean these areas, you can proceed to other parts of your house. It can be made easier by making a list of the areas in your home and sort them based on the degree of clutter.


    1.  Clean windows on cloudy days: When spring cleaning the house, you should wait for cloudy days to clean your windows. When it is bright, streaks are less visible and the sunlight will cause cleaning solution to evaporate too quickly. You can clean the inside and outside parts of your house more effectively on cloudy days to remove any spots and stubborn smudges that could be difficult to see on sunnier days. Make sure to use lint-free, clean cotton clothes that absorb moisture easily for best results.


    1. Repurpose items: During spring cleaning, it is common for people to throw away things. However, there could be some items that you can repurpose into something else saving money over buying new. As an example, old mason jars can be used as planters, painted and used in the kids’ arts and crafts room. Some old clothes can also be used as rags, which are useful for cleaning the rest of your home.


    1. Make your own cleaners: Making your own household cleaners is easy, affordable and safer for your family. You can find recipes online for all purpose cleaners, floor cleaners and more that are, often times, better than the store-bought ones.


    1. Natural remedies for insect repellant: Spring is also the time for insects to come out from hibernation and invade your home. To save money, make your own effective insect repellant barrier by planting mint around the outside of your home.


    1. Choose a spring-fresh air freshener: Air fresheners are the best way to make your home smell fresh and clean all season long. Choose a scent that is fresh and flowery, just like spring!

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  • How Scents Can Change Your Mood for the Better

    For many of us, a fragrance is simply a scented liquid that we spray in the air or on our furniture and drapes. In reality, fragrant scents are a powerful trigger that can affect out mood and make us either happy or sad, depending on the scent. Not only can it arouse a wide range of moods, but it can help us recall specific memories, such as happy or heartbreaking events in our lives. In fact, each scent has a different effect on every individual and if you want to change your mood for the better, it is important to choose a scent that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and positive.

    How Different Scents Can Make You Feel

    You should always surround yourself with any kind of fragrance that will have a positive affect you. You can even choose aromatherapy products, which often have therapeutic properties. As an example, chamomile and lavender are known for ensuring better relaxation.

    Here are ways scents may affect your moods positively:

    They suppress stress: Stress doesn’t only ruin your mood, it can really be harmful for your physical health. Distressed people often have high blood pressure, which can contribute to higher incidence of stroke and heart attacks. Try various aromatherapy products that contribute in the reduction of pain and anxiety. In hospitals and various health facilities, it has been proven that scents can have positive effects on our overall wellness.

    They bring back memories: Scents and cognition performance are well connected. In fact, a long-forgotten scent can bring back old memories. You start to remember past experiences in greater details. If you want to improve moods with scents, try to choose those that evoke your positive childhood memories. Even the smell of Crayola crayons can bring back a lot of memories, especially if you loved to draw when you were much younger.

    They remind us about nature: People love everything associated with nature. Certain scents can be associated with specific sights. You may find scents of fresh rain and pine very comforting, while others may prefer scents of flowers. When choosing scents associated with the nature, you should choose those that are associated with each season. For example, springtime scents could include fresh rain, flowers or other scents normally associated with the season. This will bring a complete set of nature-related fragrance in your house.

    When choosing scents, make sure that you choose those that your brain responds the best. Good scents should also provide longer effects, so you can get more benefits from them. In general, you should choose whether you want to get more relaxing vibe or happier mental state.

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  • New Spring Scents for Your Home

    It looks as if the wintry weather is beginning to give way to some sunshine and, while many people are still wondering what that bright ball of light in the sky is, the rest of us are already making plans for spring. Extra blankets are being stowed away, our menus are changing from hearty soups and stews, to lighter, fresher recipes using spring vegetables. Another thing that many of us begin to do when the spring feeling is in the air, is spring cleaning.

    Welcoming Spring with Lighter, Floral Scents

    Cleaning away the mustiness of old man winter to welcome spring and it bright, colourful flowers is something that has become a tradition in many homes around the world. It signifies a new beginning, a fresh start if you will, and it brings along with it a wide range of fresh scents that clear away the wintry scents of wood, cinnamon and orange. Spring scents are lighter and much more floral smelling and are designed to help make your home smell fresh and clean whenever guests are over or you come home from a long workday.

    Some of the more popular springtime scents combine the scents of spring flowers such as hibiscus, lavender and peony, April rain showers, lemon and peach blossom. Any one of these scents would create a fresh, springtime smell, but when designer fragrance companies bring them together, they become so much more. Our homes will smell better and they will instantly become more inviting to both family and friends as they come over to celebrate the warmer weather and newly blossomed trees and shrubbery.

    Not All Scents are Created Equal

    Just because a fragrance has a beautiful springtime picture on the container, doesn’t always mean it will smell good. How many times have you purchased a fragrance for your home or car and decided that it was too strong smelling, not strong enough or it just didn’t smell the way you thought it would. Scents are like people, they are all different and not everyone is as likable as another. A scent that you like, might not appeal to someone else and that is why AirPure creates our fragrances using natural ingredients that ensure the scent you smell is as close to what you would smell in nature. After all, when we think of the scent of lavender or peach nectar, our minds immediately associate it with the natural smell of that particular scent.

    The best way to find a scent you like is to try it, but to be sure you will like it, order your home or auto fragrances from AirPure and get the best fragrances at the best prices every day.

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