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Wow Your Holiday Guests with the Ever-Changing Fragrances of Milano Candles!

There is nothing more warm and inviting than entering a home and being greeted by a lovely fragrance. Fragrance and aroma are wonderful tools, which allow us to create any atmosphere that we please within our home space. Fragrances can be used to promote feelings of calm and relaxation, and they can also be used to create uplifting feelings as well as to give us a good boost of energy. A wonderful way to add fragrance to your home this festive season is by incorporating candles; and these Milano candles make for the perfect choice. These lovely Milano candles are both functional and beautiful to look at. Not only will they provide your home with three wonderful fragrances; but they will also add a beautiful touch of warm candlelight. This home collection of Milano candles comes in three different fragrances to suit every day and mood:


The Forever Berry candle comes in a vibrant red colour and is scented with cherry, citrus provence and cranberry fragrances. These lovely fruity essences will add an uplifting, joyful, playful and unique aroma to your living space that is sure to wow your guests during this holiday season.


The Fresh Flowers candle comes in a refreshing turquoise colour and is scented with fragrances from Peony, Red Lotus and Rosewood. This is a lovely combination of floral scents to add a peaceful and fresh atmosphere to your home. Your guests will feel as though they have just walked into a fresh field of flowers.


The Island Sunset candle comes in a lovely blue colour and is scented with Bergamot, Iris and Freesia fragrances. This delicate yet slightly spicy blend of aromas will have your guests feeling as though they are on a sunset cruise on paradise island.


The fragrances of these Milano candles can be used to create different atmospheres in your home according to your mood. You can even light each candle in a different room of your home and allow your guests to experience the different aromas as they travel through the spaces of your home. Each candle is also designed with a pretty print on the outside of the glass candle holders. Surprise and wow your holiday guests by using a different candle every night, or treat yourself with the fragrance of your choice by lighting the candle which you feel most drawn to.

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