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Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Fresh

Keeping your bathroom clean and smelling fresh is an extremely important household task, but it can sometimes be a difficult one. Some basic helpful tips for eliminating odours and bacteria are:

 Wipe down all the surfaces daily, weekly at most.
 Use a soap dispenser.
 Don’t let your bathroom cupboards get cluttered.
 Hang up wet towels immediately (in the sun is best); and
 Disinfectants and long lasting cleaners are essential.

The difficult task is stopping the odours, especially when you don’t have a lot of time available for cleaning. Airpure has some helpful bathroom fresh products that promise to sort out those smells with very little pressure on you, your time or your finances.

Airpure Fresh Stripes Toilet Gel is a highly reliable and more hygienic alternative to the standard toilet rim blocks and cages. The Gel provides both hygiene and a fresh subtle fragrance. This odour eliminator is available in 3 assorted fragrances: Lime Zing, Fresh Flowers and Ocean Breeze; it can last for up to six weeks and is so easy to use. The convenience of this weekly application, combined with its guidance indicator that ensures that the gel lasts and is adjustable, is unrivalled in toilet freshness.

Beyond Toilet odour, the bathroom is often prone to several smells, from damp towels to laundry baskets. Airpure Gel Twist is an air freshener which is both appealing to see and to smell. The contemporary design of the product and the colour range available are sure to make this product blend in and adds to your bathroom, kitchen, office or anywhere you see fit. Simply adjust the Gel Twist up to increase the fragrance strength and enjoy continuous fresh fragrance for up to six weeks; Available in Lavender Fields, Ocean Fresh, Citrus Zing and Fresh Flowers to suit your preferences.

Another great product for keeping your air fresh is Airpure Can Gel. This is a unique and almost retro air freshener which comes in small gorgeous graphic cans, making them suitable not only for the bathroom, but for every room in the house or in the office. Simply adjust the fragrance strength by moving the switch on the lid! You can choose from Fresh Linen, Ocean Breeze, Citrus Zing and Fresh Flowers for up to 60 days of freshness.

One, or a combination, of the above products is sure to ban the odour from your bathroom and your life, with convenience and little effort. Treat your home today!

Airpure Bathroom Fresheners

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