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It's a Pug's Life! Why The Pug Is The Ultimate Dog

The pug breed has its early origins in China, dating back all the way to 200 BC! The Pug, or Mopshond to the Dutch, was bred to be the ultimate lap dog. These compact dogs are loving and loyal and have a great sense of humour! The Pug is possibly the most popular dog in modern culture. With their big round eyes and curly little tails, this cushion-sized pup is an ultimate heart-stealer and crowd pleaser.

Some regard the pug as a clumsy yet perfectly poised puddle of love. They absolutely adore being the centre of attention, which they always are, as they love to impress! These pups are extremely playful, not easily startled and excessively charming. Pugs are also a very intelligent breed and highly willful to boot, so sometimes they need a little more time and patience in training, much like their human infant counterparts, which the well-socialised pug adores!

Though Pugs aren’t considered yappers (although they do tend to snore), they do have loud personalities! The pugs’ gorgeous flat and wrinkled face (a prized trait in Chinese breeding as the wrinkles represent symbols for good luck), stout square body and big black eyes make this breed captivating. Can you say photogenic!

There are many pug enthusiasts around the world, popularising pug parades and dedicating entire websites to their charismatic features. Pugs are the truest of companions and simply love being near their owners and being lavished with attention; they are also game for dress-up, as many a dog calendar can attest to! These charming and lovable dogs have such bold personalities that they are just begging to be looked at.

Airpure is all about #puglife which is why they bring you “It's A Pug's Life® Air Freshener”, a disc of pug-tastic cuteness which comes in an assorted range of fragrances to give your car interior a long lasting, enjoyable fragrance, as well as some of that pug charm. It’s A Pug's Life® Air Freshener comes in three awesome long lasting fragrances: Island Breeze, Tropical Fruits, and Cherry Berry – scents as cool and captivating as our curly tailed friends!

Give these pups the recognition Pugs deserve (nay, demand!) and purchase these one-of-kind pug themed car air fresheners, to guarantee that every time you get in your car and adjust the mirror, a pug is sure to make you smile.

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