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It’s a Pug’s Life This Christmas!

It’s a pug’s life this Christmas! Why? Because It’s a Pug’s Life Air Freshener is one of the new products available from Airpure. This fun air freshener has arrived just in time for Christmas and will have your car smelling incredible for the holiday season and for many months after. Whether you will be driving your in-laws around or picking up a date for your annual Christmas gathering; the It’s a Pug’s Life air freshener will certainly have your guests pleased when they enter your car. Cars have small interiors which can quickly start smelling stuffy or unpleasant if not properly cared for; and adding an air freshener from Airpure to your car can help you to keep your car smelling fresh at all times.


It’s a Pug’s Life air freshener is available in three original fragrances; Island Breeze, Tropical Fruits and Cherry Berry. Having three unique fragrances at your disposal allows you to change your air freshener to suit your mood and to impress your passengers. This air freshener is totally unique and original and made entirely out of paper. It comes complete with a cute image of a pug wearing a hat and posing for a mug shot. This air freshener is long lasting which ensures that you get to fill the interior of your car with a refreshing scent for a long period of time.


The It’s a Pug’s Life air freshener from Airpure will make a great gift for a friend or family member for Christmas, and it is also a great gift for you to give to yourself this Christmas. Most of us tend to spend a lot of our time in our cars; driving to work, transporting the kids, running errands, sitting in traffic and visiting friends and family, and therefore it is a great idea to enhance our driving experience by incorporating an air freshener to spread a fresh fragrance into our car. Aroma has the potential to lift our mood, calm us down as well as boost our energy and spirits, and therefore, having an air freshener in our car can improve our mood while driving, help to calm us when stuck in traffic and help to give us a boost of energy so that we can remain alert while driving.


Whether you are in the mood for Tropical Fruits, Cherry Berry or Island Breeze; It’s a Pug’s Life air freshener has a fragrance to suit your mood.

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