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Check Out Airpure's Brand New Electric Wax Melter

All you want after a long day is to come home to your comfort zone, relax and watch your favourite show. What better way to relax than with some aromatherapy? Airpure has devised a deliciously scented array of wax melts to fill your home with a warm and welcoming aroma. In order to best experience these wax melts, Airpure has released a brand new Electric Wax Melter, which not only releases these beautiful fragrances but also looks great in every environment!

‘The Owl’ Electric Wax Melter with a glowing back light provides you with the feel of a traditional candlelight scent diffuser, but this one won’t set you searching the house for an elusive tea-light candle nor set the curtains alight! The Owl is a beautiful and functional accessory to add warmth and happiness to your home and to your life.

Place the Owl Electric Wax Melter on the dinner table to add to a romantic night in, near a plug point in the bedroom to create that sensual mood, or simply in the TV room for you and your loved ones to enjoy while doing the other things you love. Don’t let the smell of old socks or the kids attempt at dinner destroy the mood; rather fill your home with one of the expertly created fragrances Airpure has made available to you.

‘The Owl’ Electric Wax Melter by Airpure offers four scented wax options, namely;

• Apple Cinnamon: To remind you of your childhood days waiting for a slice of gran’s homemade apple pie.
• French Vanilla: For the fragrances of classic and simple sophistication reminiscent of old school Hollywood.
• Cherry Berry: A happy fruity aroma to excite and stimulate the olfactory senses.
• Fresh Linen: A fresh and pure scent that simply makes you “feel at home.”

Use any of these beautiful Wax Melt fragrances to enhance your home, or purchase the Wax Melts Home Collection and get to enjoy all four scents at your leisure, to fit any mood. It’s sure to make you feel cosy, calm and ready to take on the next day. You and your loved ones certainly won’t be disappointed.

The Owl Electric Wax Melter is a fantastic way to combine traditional luxury with modern technology; sleek elegance at its best. Purchase one of these gorgeous Electric Owls for yourself, for a loved one, or just one for every room! Spoil your senses!

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