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Keeping Your House Clean

  • 6 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean, Even If You Have a Dog

    As any dog owner already knows, keeping your house clean with a pet can be a challenge. From dog hair on just about every surface of your home, to spilled food and water bowls, dirt and mud tracked in from the outside and that “dog smell” that many dog owners pretend they don’t notice, but deep down inside, they do.

    Keeping your home clean and fresh smelling when you have a dog doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming when you follow some simple tips. They start with your dog because, after all, that is the source of most of the mess.

    Bathe Your Dog

    Bathe your dog regularly. If your dog hates bath time, try to make him more comfortable by purchasing a relaxing, all-natural pet wash that helps to calm him. You can also try to make it fun by playing a game with him in the water or by bringing in his favourite toy.

    Brush Your Dog

    Once you have your dog on a regular bath routine, you will want to brush him often. This is especially important for long-hair dog who have a tendency to shed all over the furniture, carpet and any other surface their hair decides to adhere to. Keeping your dog brushed regularly will help reduce the amount of shedding and hair that is all over your home.

    Focus On Outside Dirt

    So now we that have your dog washed and brushed, he should be all clean, for the moment at least. Now you have to focus on the dirt that he tracks in from the outside. You could add a door mat made of a rough or coarse material, placing one both inside and outside of the door your dog usually enters through. This will help catch a lot of the dirt from his paws keeping your floors cleaner.

    Remove Pet Hair

    Next, we can focus on the pet hair that is all over the house. You can purchase a specially made rubber glove that you slip on and rub across your furniture, drapes and other cloth surfaces to remove a large percentage of the pet hair. These can be found at most pet stores and are a very effective means of removing pet hair from your home.

    Clean Your House

    Now we can clean house as you normally would with an emphasis on vacuuming and cleaning hard surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner. This will not only remove more of the pet hair, but also most of the pet smell that can linger.

    Clean The Air

    Finally, once your home is clean and your pet is washed, brushed and smelling great, you can freshen the air using Naturally Gone Pet Odour Spray. This product, made in the UK, is a highly effective deodoriser that will leave your home smelling fresh and clean and guests wondering if you got rid of your dog.

    If you want to keep your home smelling fresh and clean even with a dog, follow these simple tips and enjoy the breath of fresh air while enjoying your pet.

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