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  • New Year, New Home-Home Interior Resolutions for 2018

    Whether you want to keep up with the newest interior design trends for 2018 or your house is just due for a decor update, it is a good idea to make it one of your New Year’s resolutions to make your home more beautiful, more comfortable and more inviting with these easy design tips. Remember, no interior design is complete without a fresh new fragrance to give it that welcoming appeal that your friends, family and guests will rave about!

    For your New Year’s resolution, apply these latest design elements to your home and add some style appeal:

    Maximalism: Maximalism consists of contrasting patterns and prints. This design is a move away from the minimalistic style that has dominated the interior market in the past few years. You should use maximalism design if you want to express yourself and your personal sense of style more. Pair bold scents with this design style for maximum effect.

    Add more comfortable spaces: In many places, the boundaries between leisure and work are becoming blurred. There’s currently a shift toward a more casual design with focus on experience, instead of aesthetics. This trend is reflected in surface finished and furniture. The use of enveloping silhouette, velvet and other tactile fabrics will grow in popularity this year. Both in the workplace and houses, people are looking for reassurances and extra comfort. A warm, comforting scent pairs well with this look.

    Monochrome: This trend lets you opt for a calmer tonal interior with layered shades that have the same color. When done properly, the results can be very sophisticated looking. Proper monochrome tones can be applied to furniture, tiles, paint and others. Each color has dozens of shades that can be arranged to create a degree of subtlety. Monochrome should be an excellent platform for any minimalist design. This look requires a sophisticated fragrance such as bamboo or mint accents.

    Brass: Brass elements will make a re-entry into interior design styles this year. They can give living room furniture and kitchen cabinets an aged finish. They may also provide shine for vintage inspired light fixtures and serving wares. Brass can be used in bathrooms to create an overall elegant element but be sure not to overdo it as it can become an overpowering element in smaller rooms. A woodsy scent will tie your room together.

    Wabi-Sabi: A unique Japanese art, Wabi-Sabi uses imperfection to find beauty. In home design, it can be implemented by using hand-painted or handmade items, such as pottery or rough linens. The result can be organically aesthetic and deeply personal. Choose your favourite fragrance with this interior design look and make your room you own.

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