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Why Scent Is Essential To Design

Your home’s interior design is much more than just some paint and furniture, it is the way it makes you feel when you or your guests first walk in and it’s that feeling that makes your house a home. There are many specific elements that make up your interior design and these elements all appeal to a different sense, either sight, smell, sound and touch.

Wait a minute. Smell? Yes, I said smell. The way your home smells is as much a part of its design as the colour of your walls or the fabric you choose for your throw pillows. If your home smells good, it can feel comfortable and inviting. Likewise, if your home smells bad, it could become offensive and deter friends and family from coming over.

Our sense of smell is the most powerful link to both our emotions and feelings, yet it is often overlooked when it comes to the interior design of our homes. Still, just by adding a stylish and attractive wax melter with your favourite seasonal fragrance to a room can change the ambiance of the room as well as our mood and energy levels.

Benefits Of Home Fragrances

There are many physiological benefits of adding home fragrances to every room in your home. Fragrances have a very strong effect on the Olfactory cortex of the brain’s limbic system. This is the region of the brain responsible for emotions, memories and feelings which is why certain scents trigger different emotions in different people.

Clinical psychologist in the Department of Neurology at Montefiore Medical Center, Dawn C. Buse, Ph.D., states “the first time that we experience a particular scent, we associate it with events, people, and emotions of the time.” This means that every time we enter a room, two things can happen. We either smell a familiar smell and an old memory is triggered, or, we smell a completely new smell and our brain creates a new memory.

Fragrance also has an effect on our mood. Certain fragrances can make us happy, while others can make us relaxed, agitated or full of energy. Pleasant fragrances typically have a much more positive effect on our mood.


Ways Of Incorporating Scents In Your Interior Design

There are many different ways of incorporating scents in your interior design. From scented candles, incense and essential oils, to diffusers, wax melters and potpourri. You can even mix and match these by style, colour or fragrance to create a design that suits your needs and your personal sense of style.

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