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Where Should I Position My New Reed Diffuser/Home Fragrance?

Reed diffusers are typically attractive bottle-like vessels that contain a specific type of fragrant oil. Reeds are inserted into the bottle, which enables the fragrance to diffuse more easily into the living space. You can insert as many reeds as you want to control the level of diffusion and by putting in more reeds, you will increase the intensity of the scent. Normally, reed diffusers use three or four reeds, but you can add more as needed.

 Choose The Location Carefully

The number of reeds depends on the size of your room. The bigger the room, the more reeds that you may need to put in, so the scent will be stronger. One crucial factor when using a reed diffuser is the location. You need to carefully choose the location you want to place your reed diffuser, because where you place it can have a big impact and make a real difference in how your home smells. Before placing your reed diffuser, be sure to check the airflow in the room.

Tips For Choosing The Right Spot For Your Reed Diffuser

  • Make sure that you choose a location which will allow for the fragrance to effectively circulate inside the room or even throughout the entire house.
  • Always make sure that the diffuser is out of the reach of the pets and small children.
  • Avoid radiators and windows as heat will make the fragrance to evaporate faster.
  • The area should be dry and not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Choose high traffic areas such as bathrooms, hallways or interior doorways.
  • Aim a fan at just above the diffuser to concentrate the scent at specific area of your room, such as your bed or work desk.
  • Make sure vents push fresh air into your room, instead of sucking air from the room as this will make the scent dissipate faster and your reed diffuser will be depleted much more quickly.

Finally, when placing your reed diffuser, make sure that you wipe down the bottle to remove any trace of the oil and place an oil-resistant object under the diffuser, so the surface of the desk will be protected from the oil.

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