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Spring Cleaning Hacks

For many of us, spring is our favourite time of the year. Finally, the oppressive cold disappears, replaced by fresh, cool days when leaves start to emerge and birds chirp. As we are looking at our life with a much brighter perspective, it is also a good time to reorganize our lives.

When the sunlight shines straight into our home’s interior, we need to make sure that our home is tidy and livable, once again. During the winter, we largely stay indoors and because we do more things inside the house, it usually becomes quite cluttered. There are many ways to do spring cleaning tasks, but these methods could significantly make your effort more effective:

  1. Prioritize most cluttered and neglected areas: With a quick look around, it is easy to see which parts of your home are badly cluttered and need attention. Unneeded items, debris and dust could easily accumulate in the most used parts of your home and this could happen if your overlook these areas for too long. They may include bathrooms, kitchen, bookshelves and more. Check areas behind the fridge and under the sink and clean them up. Once you clean these areas, you can proceed to other parts of your house. It can be made easier by making a list of the areas in your home and sort them based on the degree of clutter.


  1.  Clean windows on cloudy days: When spring cleaning the house, you should wait for cloudy days to clean your windows. When it is bright, streaks are less visible and the sunlight will cause cleaning solution to evaporate too quickly. You can clean the inside and outside parts of your house more effectively on cloudy days to remove any spots and stubborn smudges that could be difficult to see on sunnier days. Make sure to use lint-free, clean cotton clothes that absorb moisture easily for best results.


  1. Repurpose items: During spring cleaning, it is common for people to throw away things. However, there could be some items that you can repurpose into something else saving money over buying new. As an example, old mason jars can be used as planters, painted and used in the kids’ arts and crafts room. Some old clothes can also be used as rags, which are useful for cleaning the rest of your home.


  1. Make your own cleaners: Making your own household cleaners is easy, affordable and safer for your family. You can find recipes online for all purpose cleaners, floor cleaners and more that are, often times, better than the store-bought ones.


  1. Natural remedies for insect repellant: Spring is also the time for insects to come out from hibernation and invade your home. To save money, make your own effective insect repellant barrier by planting mint around the outside of your home.


  1. Choose a spring-fresh air freshener: Air fresheners are the best way to make your home smell fresh and clean all season long. Choose a scent that is fresh and flowery, just like spring!

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