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New Spring Scents for Your Home

It looks as if the wintry weather is beginning to give way to some sunshine and, while many people are still wondering what that bright ball of light in the sky is, the rest of us are already making plans for spring. Extra blankets are being stowed away, our menus are changing from hearty soups and stews, to lighter, fresher recipes using spring vegetables. Another thing that many of us begin to do when the spring feeling is in the air, is spring cleaning.

Welcoming Spring with Lighter, Floral Scents

Cleaning away the mustiness of old man winter to welcome spring and it bright, colourful flowers is something that has become a tradition in many homes around the world. It signifies a new beginning, a fresh start if you will, and it brings along with it a wide range of fresh scents that clear away the wintry scents of wood, cinnamon and orange. Spring scents are lighter and much more floral smelling and are designed to help make your home smell fresh and clean whenever guests are over or you come home from a long workday.

Some of the more popular springtime scents combine the scents of spring flowers such as hibiscus, lavender and peony, April rain showers, lemon and peach blossom. Any one of these scents would create a fresh, springtime smell, but when designer fragrance companies bring them together, they become so much more. Our homes will smell better and they will instantly become more inviting to both family and friends as they come over to celebrate the warmer weather and newly blossomed trees and shrubbery.

Not All Scents are Created Equal

Just because a fragrance has a beautiful springtime picture on the container, doesn’t always mean it will smell good. How many times have you purchased a fragrance for your home or car and decided that it was too strong smelling, not strong enough or it just didn’t smell the way you thought it would. Scents are like people, they are all different and not everyone is as likable as another. A scent that you like, might not appeal to someone else and that is why AirPure creates our fragrances using natural ingredients that ensure the scent you smell is as close to what you would smell in nature. After all, when we think of the scent of lavender or peach nectar, our minds immediately associate it with the natural smell of that particular scent.

The best way to find a scent you like is to try it, but to be sure you will like it, order your home or auto fragrances from AirPure and get the best fragrances at the best prices every day.

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