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How Scents Can Change Your Mood for the Better

For many of us, a fragrance is simply a scented liquid that we spray in the air or on our furniture and drapes. In reality, fragrant scents are a powerful trigger that can affect out mood and make us either happy or sad, depending on the scent. Not only can it arouse a wide range of moods, but it can help us recall specific memories, such as happy or heartbreaking events in our lives. In fact, each scent has a different effect on every individual and if you want to change your mood for the better, it is important to choose a scent that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and positive.

How Different Scents Can Make You Feel

You should always surround yourself with any kind of fragrance that will have a positive affect you. You can even choose aromatherapy products, which often have therapeutic properties. As an example, chamomile and lavender are known for ensuring better relaxation.

Here are ways scents may affect your moods positively:

They suppress stress: Stress doesn’t only ruin your mood, it can really be harmful for your physical health. Distressed people often have high blood pressure, which can contribute to higher incidence of stroke and heart attacks. Try various aromatherapy products that contribute in the reduction of pain and anxiety. In hospitals and various health facilities, it has been proven that scents can have positive effects on our overall wellness.

They bring back memories: Scents and cognition performance are well connected. In fact, a long-forgotten scent can bring back old memories. You start to remember past experiences in greater details. If you want to improve moods with scents, try to choose those that evoke your positive childhood memories. Even the smell of Crayola crayons can bring back a lot of memories, especially if you loved to draw when you were much younger.

They remind us about nature: People love everything associated with nature. Certain scents can be associated with specific sights. You may find scents of fresh rain and pine very comforting, while others may prefer scents of flowers. When choosing scents associated with the nature, you should choose those that are associated with each season. For example, springtime scents could include fresh rain, flowers or other scents normally associated with the season. This will bring a complete set of nature-related fragrance in your house.

When choosing scents, make sure that you choose those that your brain responds the best. Good scents should also provide longer effects, so you can get more benefits from them. In general, you should choose whether you want to get more relaxing vibe or happier mental state.

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