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7 Little Resolutions For A Fresh Smelling Home In 2019

‘New Year, New Me’ seems to be the mantra of every man and woman all over the world about this time of year and while everyone is busy making New Year’s resolutions to get fit, eat healthy or make more money, we can all agree that making our homes smell fresh is just as important.

When your home smells fresh and clean, you are able to relax, think more clearly and achieve your goals more efficiently. If you are looking for some ways to make your home smell fresh and clean for 2019, keep reading for some simple little resolutions that will help you do just that!

7 Little Resolutions For A Fresh-Smelling Home In 2019

Air Out Your Home More Often- the first step in making your home smell fresh and clean is to air it out. Sometimes our homes can become a bit smelly when they are closed up all season long and letting in some fresh air will help get rid of the stale air.

Clean More Frequently- a thorough cleaning will also help your home smell fresh and clean for 2019 by removing foul odours and those things that are causing the smells.

Use More Wax Melters- wax melts are available in a wide range of seasonal styles and fragrances and are an easy way to give your home a warm, inviting scent which will welcome your guests.

Make Cotton Ball Perfume Bombs- take some cotton balls and spray them with your favourite perfume or cologne and place them strategically around your home, in your drawers or anywhere you want a clean, fresh scent.

Polish Your Furniture Regularly- many of today’s furniture polishes contain citrus oils and they can be an easy and effective way of adding a fresh, clean scent to your home while making your furniture shine!

Find Some Favourite Home Fragrances- everything from scented candles, air sprays and plug-ins are excellent choices when trying to remove odours and make your home smell fresh. Just choose your favourite scents and make your home smell fresher, faster!

Use Oil Diffusers- when paired with essential oils, a reed diffuser can give any room in your home a fresh, clean scent. Choose a light, citrus scent for your kitchen, something floral for your bathroom and a warm, romantic fragrance for your bedroom and make your home more relaxing and comfortable for 2019!

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