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5 Offensive Odours In Your House That Only Your Guests Can Smell

Have you ever noticed that when you are in your own home, certain smells don’t bother you, but when you are in someone else’s home, those same smells become offensive? Research says that we often adapt to the smells around us which is why the offensive odours in our own homes don’t bother us. But what about others? If there are odours in their home that we don’t like, are there odours in our homes that they don’t like? That could get embarrassing if we don’t get to those odours before guests arrive.

Let’s Take A Look At 5 Odours In Your House That Only Your Guests Can Smell:

Kitchen- your kitchen is the source of a wide range of smells and when these smells combine together, the result can be bad. From kitchen drains, garbage cans and the inside of your refrigerator, to your pantry, even last night’s dinner, kitchen odours tend to linger. Keep your kitchen smelling fresh and clean with an air freshening spray.

Your Bed- that’s right, your bed can have a very offensive odour to your guests. When we sleep, our bodies release oils, dead skin and sweat. These can make bedding smell rather bad. To avoid the embarrassment of your bedding smelling bad, wash your bedding often and be sure to use a plug-in air freshener in your bedroom between washes.

Litter Box- while your cat’s litter box might smell clean to you, it might not smell as nice to your guests. Pet smell, especially cat urine, is incredibly powerful and it can spread throughout your home. Be sure to use a blacklight to look for any cat urine that might have sprayed onto a nearby wall or the floor near your cat’s litter box.

Dog Blankets- speaking of pet smells, your dog has a very powerful odour that you might have gotten used to, but your guests have not. From your dog’s bed, to his blanket, if you aren’t cleaning these on a regular basis, your guests will notice right away. The best way to remove the smell of dog from your home is to vacuum your carpets and furniture daily, clean your pet’s bedding and place air fresheners throughout your home.

Mustiness- this is especially noticeable in older homes or homes that have not been lived in for a while. If your basement has flooded, the musty smell will be even worse. Use a dehumidifier to dry the air, open some windows and place a reed diffuser near the areas which smell the strongest.

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