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Benefits of Fragrances

  • The Benefits of Home Fragrances

    When we visit friends and family, the first thing we notice when welcomed into their home isn’t the way it looks or even what they are wearing, it is the way it smells. Our sense of smell is very powerful and it is an important extension of our brain. Certain smells can mean danger, some can create a feeling of comfort and some can even make us hungry or romantic. In fact, our sense of smell is one of our bodies first receptors to initiate a response to our surroundings.

    This is the reason that many of us add specialty fragrances to our homes. We can create a welcoming atmosphere for guests or after a hard day’s work. Coming home to a familiar smell can release endorphins that make us feel good and can provide some much-needed energy. Some typical home fragrances that have very specific benefits include:

    • Lavender-can help us fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer as well as calming our nerves.
    • Peppermint-can give us more energy, provide mental focus and alleviate stress.
    • Cinnamon-this scent is very effective at reducing fatigue and making us more alert.
    • Citrus tones-improve the mood, increase concentration are often associated with a clean home.

    We can use the power of scent to our advantage almost anywhere we are. IN the car, at home or at the office, the atmosphere we create begins with the scents we use. Choose productivity related scents for the office and get more done. In the car, choose scents that will help you focus and stay alert. Even at home, we can use the power of scent to our advantage by creating a calming oasis that will welcome us, and our guests, home.

    Do you have a favorite scent that makes you feel warm and comfortable on those cold wintery days? Or how about one that brings the refreshing aroma of the tropics into your home? Leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite home fragrances and how they make you feel.


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