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  • How To Make Your Home Smell Good In The Summertime

    Making your home smell fresh and clean is usually as easy as choosing your favourite fragrance and spraying it into the air. In the summertime, that is a much more difficult task as the humidity is usually higher and the heat from outside begins to work its way inside. That combination of heat and humidity can make your home smell like last night’s dinner mixed with wet dog. The reason for this is because the air is much heavier when it is humid and it tends to hold onto smells much longer than if the weather was cooler outside.

    This doesn’t mean that your home can’t smell good this summer, it just means that you might have to take some extra steps to keep it smelling fresh and clean longer.

    The summertime usually means citrusy scents, beach fragrances and designer scents that smell like fresh cut grass. You can mimic these summertime fresh scents and use them to make your home smell good using our simple tips. Let’s  take a look:

    Ways To Make Your Home Smell Good In The Summertime

    Automatic Air Fresheners- for a truly hands-off approach to making your home smell good this summer, place some automatic air fresheners in strategic locations throughout your home. With many different fragrances available, you can find your favourite and keep your home smelling good all summer.

    Eucalyptus in Your Bathroom- hanging fresh eucalyptus in your shower can provide a relaxing, rejuvenating spa experience that not only smells good, but also offers antibacterial properties.

    Gel Fresheners- gel air fresheners are perfect for those rooms that are too humid for spray fragrances. These include bathrooms, basements and kitchens. Gel fresheners use essential oils to create a summertime fresh scent that will linger in the heavy, humid air.

    Citrus Simmer Pot- if you have ever made a simmer pot during the cold winter months, you know how effective they can be at making your home smell good. The same idea can be used in the summer using citrus slices and water which you simmer slowly on the stove for a couple of hours per day.

    Wax Melts- wax melts come in a wide range of fragrances and are an easy way to make your home smell fresh and clean all season long.

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  • The Benefits of Car Air Fresheners

    Air fresheners as we know them have been around since the middle of the 20th century. Since their introduction, many manufacturers have come up with their own styles, designs and scents and the market for air fresheners has seen incredible growth throughout the world. While people use air fresheners everywhere from the home and office, to gym bags, locker rooms and more, the most important use of air fresheners is in our cars.

    Our cars are confined spaces that see a lot of abuse. From snowy or muddy shoes, to leftover containers, spilled coffee and the aroma of that pizza you brought home last night. The combination of smells, dirt and debris can leave our vehicles smelling bad and an air freshener can take that unpleasantness and turn it into an island breeze, lavender meadow or any other scent you like.

    Your Smelly Car

    Imagine just how bad your car would smell without air fresheners. The odours from daily use tend to linger and they could leave your car smelling so bad that even your date might reconsider getting in. This could be bad for your social life and your overall happiness. To think that an inexpensive car air freshener could change all of that and leave you and your car happier and smelling fresh and clean is impressive. Let’s say that you are a smoker. You try your best not to smoke in your car but it is cold outside. Or maybe traffic has you stressed out. So, you light up in your car, crack a window and do your best to direct the smoke outside. It doesn’t always work and although you don’t notice it, soon your car will begin to smell like an ashtray and so will everything in it. Your clothes, your briefcase, your passenger’s clothes and more. That is a smell that is difficult to remove and it could cost you friends or in expensive dry-cleaning bills.

    Different Scents for Different Tastes

    Now, everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to fragrances and car air fresheners offer something for everyone. Natural fragrances such as mountain air, sea fragrance, flowers like rose, lavender or fruits, orange or pineapple are all very effective at eliminating odours and keeping your car smelling fresh and clean. Not only will a car air freshener bring fresh air, but also comfort inside your car. Air fresheners for cars are affordable and the results they bring are more than worth the price.

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